Sugar….Honey, Honey

Do you ever wonder if you are about to get in over your head with something?  Ignore that little voice that says, “that’s probably not the best idea”.  Yeah, well –  HUSH little voice! This is something new, fun and will teach A.C. some responsibility.

We are adopting a Sugar Glider and I could squee with excitement!

images(This isn’t the one we are getting, picture for reference from here.)

We have a local flea market where a breeder comes to show off the little guys.  They crawl all over him, glide from hand to hand, and above everything, they look REALLY COOL!   I saw one for sale on Facebook, so I decided to inquire. Poor girl, I asked her all kinds of questions, but I did my fair share of Googling as well. They are from the marsupial infraclass and resemble a flying squirrel.   They are very clean, like a cat, and I was instructed to never bathe them! The water can easily get in their lungs and cause issues.  They also are not rodents – again for everyone in the back – Sugar Gliders are NOT rodents. So they will likely not have an odor or chew constantly.  They sleep during the day, and play at night. But I think I am most excited about is their love of snuggling up to their owners.  I envision him sitting on our shoulders, or tucked away in a little fanny pack while we go about our day.  He will wake up, eat his fresh fruit and veggies, and have playtime.



Back to the little voice…..

I have also read that if they aren’t fed properly, or bonded with correctly, they may not be as pleasant as they appear. Hopefully we are prepared!  I have explained to A.C. about his responsibility.  It’s his job to feed him and change is potty papers every evening as nighttime routine. These little dudes can live 12-15 years or so, so hopefully he will be here for the long haul.

We shall see!  Now to think of a name….